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Advertising on Aquacube.it
Advantages and characteristics

Aquacube is one of the most popular aquaristic website available. This comes from the huge number of qualified visitors (more specifically the people who are most interested in aquarism and in all the related products of aquaristic market) who surf my website's pages every day coming from Italy and from all other countries in the world.

If your business is in any way related to aquariums / aquarium products / live stock selling / then you should be considering advertising on Aquacube.

Banners Ads on Aquacube gives you some special advantages:

  • THEY ARE IN A VERY LIMITED NUMBER PER PAGE (1 or 2, at the maximum)1: no matter on which option you choosed you are guaranteed that all the banners in one single page will be in a very limited number (if you choose BANNER B you are SURE that will be the only one ADS BANNER in all the site's pages1). So here you will never see webpages fully crowed of ads that look messy and scary to the visitors, and which are poorly clicked and therefore don't represent a good investment.
  • BANNER'S ADS ARE ONLY STATIC (NOT rotational): this achieves an higher CTR (Click-Through Ratio) for your banner; no matter which option you choose, your banner will be ALWAYS present (and in the same position) for every single click of website pages. On the other sites rotational banners are the most common ones, but, in that way, you can never be sure of how many times YOUR banner will be actually displayed.
Kind of banners

You can choose among many different options.

Banner A

Il Banner A is available in the homepage (http://www.aquacube.it/). Its dimensions are 468 x 60 pixel. In the homepage you can not more than 2 banners (one at the top and one at the bottom).

Banner B    

Il Banner B is available in all the pages of the site5. Its dimensions are 468 x 60 pixel. You can have only 1 banner1 for every single webpage.

Banner C    

Il Banner C is available in all the pages of the site5. Its dimensions are 234 x 60 pixel. You can have not more than 2 banners1 for every single webpage.

Banner D    

Il Banner D is available just in the section Sponsors' page(http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/sponsors/default.asp). Its dimensions are 234 x 60 pixel. You can have as many banners on this page as you need, there are no limits.


The Window is a special page introducing a specific advertising company or shop. The page can be reached from the main navigation menu positioned on the left as subsection of Sponsors' section.



The present availability of the different types of banners is indicated in the last column of the FEES table. The taken items can be pre-ordered, you will be notified when they are available.


All the different options of advertising on Aquacube are as follow:

Max no. of banner in the page1
Availability vers. ITA3
Availability vers. ENG3
Banner A 468 x 60 px Home page 2 100 €/month
Banner B 468 x 60 px In all the pages of the website5 1 150 €/month
1 4
Banner C 234 x 60 px In all the pages of the website5 2 100 €/month each
2 4
Banner D 234 x 60 px In the Sponsor's section none 15 €/month
Window7 - Dedicated webpage , inside the Sponsors' section - 50 € of set-up6 + 50 €/month
Terms of payment

All the payments must be enrolled in advance for the whole period of advertising campaign. I.e. if you choose an Ad for a duration of 3 months, you will pay all the 3 months in advance. For more info on payments's methods you can write at: shalin@aquacube.it.

Expiration and pre-orders

The advertisers have the right to pre-order the ads in advance (who comes first, will be served first). So, at the end of advertising period, you can renew that specific banner's option only if that option is NOT yet taken from someone else, otherwise you will have to choose another option (if available).

To pre-order and advertising banner you can write at: shalin@aquacube.it.

Informations and Orders

Per more infos or to buy a banner, send an email to: shalin@aquacube.it.




  1. The "Max number of banner per pages" refers to the maximum number of banners (of other companies included too) that are visible on the particular page of the website. I.e. if you buy the option Banner C, you can have two visible banners in the same page. If you choose option Banner B, you will be sure that ONLY your banner will be visible in that specific page.
    The Google ADS are excluded from this count, and they will be present in every single page of the site. However the Sponsor's page is excluded from the maximum banner's count (http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/sponsors/default.asp); infact that page can have not only Banner B and C, but Banner D too.
  2. Prices are subjected to change without any notice. Indeed the already subscribed advertisings will not be subjected to these changes.
  3. These fees are referred only to the italian version of the website OR the english one, ALTERNATIVELY. There are huge discount available to those who choose to advertise on both the versions of the site. The options Banner D and Window cover the advertising on both the italian and english version (that's to say the fees are for both the versions).
  4. The availability of Banner B option depends on the lack of advertisers forBanner C option: so, if Banner B option is available, the advertiser is guaranteed the his banner will be the only one on that page.
  5. Banner are visible in all the pages of the website including the homepage (where you will have Banner A option).
  6. Thee set-up fee of 50 € is due to the design of a specific Window page, fully dedicated to that company or shop; the all contents (text, pictures etc.) must be given by the advertiser. The set-up fee is just for the very 1st time. If you return and renew the advertising the set-up will be free.
  7. The option Window includes option Banner D (so if you choose Window you will get automatically the option Banner D).