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A Fabio Ghidini's photograph nominee at Photography Masters Cup 201027/06/2010 @ 21:55:06My photograph "Oxygen Bubble" has been nominated at "Photography Masters Cup" 2010 edition.http://www.thecolorawards.com/presentation1/nominations.php?x=a&cid=75
News on AquaCube!05/03/2010 @ 14:21:09On AquaCube website new contents are finally online:

- a new Special section "Green Cloud 2 - Aquarium by Massimo Faberi": http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/speciali/ada_faberi_2009/ (with a short video of the tank http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/speciali/ada_faberi_2009/video_1.asp )
- a new Special section "Red Cloud - Aquarium by Massimo Faberi": http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/speciali/ada_faberi_2009_2/
- the video of the marine aquarium by Flavio Emer: http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/speciali/marino_emer_2009/
- in the "Downloads Limited Edition" Section, 10 new hires images are available for free download - for a limited period of time! http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/downloads/
- 62 new photos in "Portfolio" section http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/portfolio/ : Barbus schuberti, Yellow flower, Ninphea lotus.

I’m waiting your comments on Guestbook http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/guestbook/ !
Acuavida Aquascaping Contest 201019/02/2010 @ 22:09:16The 2nd edition of Acuavida Aquascaping Contest, AAC 2010, opens submissions on March 1, 2010. Deadline date is on May 30, 2010.http://aac.acuavida.com/
Green Cloud has won 1st Prize at the Acuavida Aquascaping Contest 200922/06/2009 @ 20:13:16Massimo Faberi’s "Green Cloud" http://www.aquacube.it/aqua/en/speciali/ada_faberi_2008/ has won 1st Prize in "Large Aquariums" section and 1st position in World Ranking http://aac.acuavida.com/aac09_wr.pdf at the first edition (2009) of Acuavida Aquascaping Contest http://www.aac.acuavida.com/gallery/AAC_2009/ .http://aac.acuavida.com/
Xylema.net16/11/2008 @ 20:29:15One of my web daily visits, Alex Ribeiro’s XYLEMA.NET website presents news and articles on international aquarium world. A must see.
(A particular thanks to Alex for his kind link to Massimo Faberi’s Green Cloud Aquarium http://www.xylema.net/index.php/Layouts/Maximo-com-o-minimo.html).

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